Davis Nets Season-Opening Top-Five at New Smyrna
Davis Fights Ill-Handling Car to Fourth in Red-Eye 100
After a short “off-season” break, Spencer Davis climbed back in his No. 29 Super Late Model at the Red-Eye 100 at Florida’s New Smyrna Speedway on Saturday, January 5.  The fast Florida half-mile had been kind to Davis in the past, but wasn’t too nice on Saturday night.

Davis was fast throughout the day, but struggled with
handling issues in the race.  The young Georgian
finished sixth on track, but after all was settled in the
tech shed, Davis came home with a top five finish.

“We were pretty good all day in practice, around third
quickest,” said Davis, who was credited with fourth in
the official results.  “We qualified seventh, which
isn’t great.  But in the race the forward bite got worse and worse.  We finished sixth on the track, but fourth
here because they threw a couple of guys out.  It’s a decent way to start off 2013. “

The race was Davis’ fist Late Model event since the Snowball Derby weekend, and he used to opportunity to try to get a handle on New Smyrna before next month’s World Series of Asphalt Stock Car Racing.

“We got this new car at the Derby, and struggled with it a little down there,” said Davis. ”We thought we had it figured out, but it’s just a guessing game.  We got it wrong this time, but hopefully come back in two weeks and get it right.”

Davis will return to action at New Smyrna on Jan. 19 in the Pete Orr Memorial Orange Blossom Special 100.

Spencer wheels the Ruud No. 29 at New Smyrna